This is the closest we’ve been to seeing a leaked iPhone 5 and although it’s legitimacy cannot be confirmed, this image has been leaked from the Wintek touchscreen manufacturing plant. For those of you that don’t know, Wintek is one of the companies that’s been manufacturing iPhone 4 screens since it’s release last June.

When looking at the image, it appears that the screens closely resemble MacRumors’ iPhone 5 concept and if this picture is correct, it backs up the reports we’ve heard regarding a larger screen.

Unfortunately, the photographer didn’t get any close up and or high quality pictures – but, I enlarged a portion of the leaked picture to focus on the screens themselves.

Before we get too pumped up about this picture, the screens could simply belong to one of the many different smartphones companies Wintek manufactures digitizers for. With that said, what do you think about the picture? Do you think it’s real (because it certainly matches a few rumors we’ve heard in the past) – if so, why? Let us know in the comment section and stay tuned for more iPhone 5 related news and rumors.