Rivers in Minecraft 1.8Notch has been adding lots and lots of new features into Minecraft 1.8. The update is getting massive and could be the best (or worst) update that Minecraft has ever had. Notch and Jeb have mentioned the existence of deep oceans and the potential of volcanoes in certain biomes. Notch himself has mentioned adding big oceans and big islands, but is struggling with making the gameplay around them both fun. From Notch on Twitter:

Trying to balance gameplay against scale is interesting. I can do HUGE oceans with HUGE islands very easily and fast now, but it plays bad.

But what are working, and what have actually been teased in screenshot form, are rivers. Check the screenshot up top to get an idea of what these new additions will look like. Here’s what Notch said onTwitter when he got rivers working…

Ok, rivers are working. I’m knee deep in this code now, and I’m getting scared. I think I need coffee.

I cant wait for this update, can you?