DAGi Accu-Pen Review

The DAGi Accu-Pen is a Stylus made for Touch Screen Devices. It works great on iPod Touchs, iPhones and iPads. It retails for $23 on DAGi’s website. It is great for drawing on a tablet and works very well.

DAGi Accu-Pen Review (2)

The design of the Accu-Pen is very cool. When you drag it along a touch screen it makes a noise like it is scratching the screen but I assure you it doesn’t scratch your device’s screen. It feels great in the hand and is not heavy at all. Drawing on a iDevice is great to. The recognition on a touch screen is perfect and you can use the red dot on the Accu-Pen itself to guide you.

DAGi Accu-Pen Review (3)

So overall I would recommend this Stylus to anyone and at $23 it is great for people who like to draw on touchscreen devices.

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