Hewlett Packard or most known as HP sold off there personal computer business and there mobile Business. HP is selling those branches of there computers and mobile business because they want to do what IBM does. Most of our sources say that HP will be selling there personal computer business to Lenovo. Lenovo is known for them buying IBM’s personal computer business. For their mobile business, most rumors say that either HTC or Samsung will be buying there mobile business. Also rumors say that once these companies buy there business they will no longer support the products before this sale of there business. As many of you know HP is trying to sell off all of there Web OS products, such as the TouchPads. These TouchPads we’re $399 for the 16GB models and $499 for the 32GB models, But at this sell off of there Web OS products the prices we’re $99 for the 16GB and $150 for the 32GB.