The KIDIG Universal Cradle comes in at £16.95 and is a well built stable dock, perfect to have on your desk. It’s great for surfing the web or just general use, my iPad feels very safe on it as it is heavy, well built and has grips on the bottom.
I will definitely be using this as my primary stand, it also charges your iDevice and syncs it with the USB cable that plugs into your computer or Apple charger. The only thing I could fault with this product is the fact that as the iPad is so heavy, it may seem like the pin connector is flimsy, but I am soon reassured as is rests on the back of the dock. The dock is also available in black and white.


  • Adjustable pin connector that enables you to move it forwards and back.
  • Data hot sync.
  • It fits iPad, iPhone and iPod and mostly all other apple devices.
  • You can use it with a case.
  • Available in Black and White

The dock looks beautiful on any iDevice and fits right in place! It’s a simple, stylish design which is definitely worth investing in.  Get this product for £16.95 at:

I’d like to thank MobileFun for sending me this Epic iPad 2 Accessory for all your iPad Accessories head to!