Facebook Messenger Screenshot (1)Facebook’s latest app to hit the app store is Facebook Messenger. It is basically a stream lined version of the Facebook App that only focuses on Messages/Chats. It has a great design, the loading screen is fantastic! Logging in is easy, just enter your email and password and your straight into your messages.Facebook Messenger Screenshot (2)

Facebook Messenger Screenshot (3)

 There are a few settings on Facebook Messenger, you can turn off alerts and location services.

Facebook Messenger Screenshot (4)

Writing a message on this app is easy, you type your friend(s) names and then you start writing your message.

Facebook Messenger Screenshot (5)

You can also send pictures as well. Facebook Messenger is a great free app on the Apple App Store. I don’t see why Facebook made a whole new app, they should have just put this app inside the original Facebook app. You can download it for the iPod Touch/iPhone. You can find out more at http://www.facebook.com/mobile/messenger