Jailbreak PineappleAccording to a recent tweet by @Musclenerd on twitter, a major upgrade to redsn0w will be arriving before his trip to Korea in a couple weeks. The pictures included here (also below) point to a revamped UI, as well as a large amount of new features. The main program will be divided into two sections. The first is simply “Jailbreak”, and will handle the main jailbreaking process, which is what most people use. The second section, “Extras”, holds the other options that were in redsn0w before, as well as new goodies such as built in SHSH blob saving. Others include a recovery fix, auto-DFU entering, and the familiar tethered boot option.

One thing that Musclenerd has specifically called attention to is the fact that there is no IPSW selection button. He would seem to be implying that we will now have another “one-click” jailbreak, similar to the programs brought by geohot. Below are all the pictures that were included in the tweet, check them out for a better idea of all the new features.

New Version of Redsn0w to Have Major Upgrades