iPhone 5 Logic Board

On Macrumors I found this photo with what could be a iPhone 5 or 4s logic board. In the photo it shows that the board has clearly a A5 chip. This chip is also in the iPad 2 and I think that Apple at some point will put photo booth on the iPhone to release the A5 goodness. There is also some other things on the logic board. Macrumors said this:

The battery included in the leaked photo is also generating some conversation, as it appears to be the same model number is seen in previous photos, but carries slightly different specs. Earlier photos had shown the battery offering 3.7 V and 5.3 Whr, for a charge capacity of about 1430 mAh. For comparison, the current iPhone 4 battery checks in at 3.7 V and 5.25 Whr, offering 1420 mAh of charge.

This new photo appears to have the charge of 1430 mAh stamped directly on it, but curiously seems to list the voltage at 4.2 V. It is unclear exactly why the battery seems to be reporting a different voltage, and thus a different energy close to 6 Whr to reach the same 1430 mAh charge seen in earlier photos of the same part.