BestSkinsEver iPod Touch 4G Skin Pictures (1)
Here is was the screen looks like.

The BestSkinsEver iPod Touch 4G Total Body Skin is a great protective skin for your iPod Touch. It is thicker than most skins and feels really nice. The application of the skin is really easy as well (Seen in Video below).

I used Glass cleaner and a sim card holder thing to spread the glass cleaner around my device. When using the iPod the screen feels a lot better than the glass.

Here is a slideshow of images that I took of the skin on my iPod Touch.

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The skin is a great add on that you can get for your iPod Touch. The skin protects the whole of the device and it feels great when holding my iPod Touch in my hand. The skin works well with cases and and back covers.

The BestSkinsEver Total Body iPod Touch 4G Skin retails for $9 on

I would like to thank BestSkinsEver for sending me this skin for review.