Ice Cream SandwichWhile most of us will be waiting for October 11 to roll around for our first hands-on experience with Ice Cream Sandwich, one lucky eBayer claims to have received a Nexus S with an early build already installed. And he has the video to prove it.

Originally posted on Engadget, the two minute video features a silent walkthrough of the camera, app drawer, launcher, notification bar and lock screen. Compared to the rumored reports of what Ice Cream Sandwich looks like, everything seems to be spot on. Of course plenty of people online have already started chiming in with how they believe this video was faked. By using a custom ROM and launcher, anyone with a Nexus S could easily recreate the video. But not so fast.

A user on the XDA developers forums has come forward claiming to be the anonymous owner of the Nexus S with Ice Cream Sandwich preinstalled. According to the 20 page (and growing) thread over on XDA, Google has remotely wiped the device. For the last several hours now, the owner has been working with well known developers in an attempt to salvage any useful information still available. No hard evidence has been posted yet, but one developer is saying this is indeed the real deal. JCase, a recognized developer with over 1300 posts, chimed in.

/System was unrecoverable. Toolbox contains an applet that is capable of wiping /system, and there is a service that allows google to use it remotely. His reports of its behavior, and the condition of /system back this theory up. It was remote wiped.JCASEXDA Developers Forum

If this is to be believed, and there’s a good chance it is, then the video you’ll find below is of the real Ice Cream Sandwich. If any new information becomes available, we’ll be sure to update this post. What do you think, still don’t believe it? Waiting to see some solid proof?

You can view the video on Endgadget, click here.

Source: Engadget