Those are the best leaked pictures about the iPhone 5 & 4S from the Cincinnati Bell website. They give us important information about the devices. An eagle eye person who was searching in the SmartPhone category of this internet gadget store saw that has in its list both of the expected iPhones that they are gonna be released in 2 days. It says the hardware info and price information. But of course they both dont have any picture that shows them. Lets take a look.

iPhone 5 Leak from Ciny bell

iPhone 5 32 GB :

8MP Camera

4″ Screen

4G Data Speeds

Regular price 699$ in this particular web store 639.99$ with free shipping.

iPhone 4s Leak from Ciny belliPhone 4S 16Gb :

5MP Camera

3.5″ Screen

A5 processor

Regular price 400$ in this web store 99$ with free shipping.

So as we expected the iPhone 4S is an iPhone 4 with upgrade in the hardware. The iPhone 5 as we expected is ready to battle with the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and the other powerful devices.

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