The Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Flip Case comes in at only £11.95 and is solid stylish case, perfect to protect your phone whilst on the go and stationary. My phone couldn’t feel safer or look nicer. It has cut outs for everything apart from the USB cable port at the bottom, this sometimes gets annoying when charging, but that’s just my own opinion. This will become my main case as its perfect for the job, and protects it fully if I drop my phone. The only problem I picked up on is the fact that at the bottom of the case there is a patch where it looks like the glue isn’t sticking and the cover may be coming of, even though I know it’s not. This is easily fixable by just tidying it up.


  • Smart and Tidy Look.
  • Solid Design.
  • Lightweight and not bulky.
  • Phone fits perfectly inside.
  • White

The case looks beautiful on the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and fits right in place! It’s a solid, stylish design which is definitely worth investing in. Get this product for £11.95 at: I’d like to thank MobileFun for sending me this brilliant Samsung Galaxy S 2 Case

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