Nokia VertuNokia is going crazy. Although the economic crisis she makes a smart phone which cost a fortune. Made by gold, diamonds and other super expensive materials.

Now it may look rather BlackBerryesque, but this not a device geared for mobile road warriors. While it might have mundane features like a built-in camera and Nokia’s latest OS, this handmade phone is also framed in gold, lined in diamonds, faced with a lab-grown display of sapphire crystal, and finished off with a hard QWERTY keyboard made of precious gemstones. The asking price for this haute handset? A mere $6,800. Is it gonna have a FULL HD 1080p camera ? A dual core processor ? An 128 RAM ? We don’t know because as you understanded this photo is leaked is not official announced. But in every case this is bad option for Nokia selling a so expensive device when all the world is effected by the economic crisis.

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