This would be my first iPhone. I really was  expecting a device better than the Galaxy S 2. The one with 4′ Display 4G and all the other features that the iPhone 4s has. This year was the same case with the iPhone 3G and 3Gs. But now the iPhone 4s has much more better upgrades. An 8MP Camera 1080p Full HD video recording. Apple’s dual core 1.2GHz A5 Chip. The front facing camera is going to continue having VGA analysis. Also no more the “Death Grip” which mans the antennas are fixed. However this device will not support LTE.For you that dont know what LTE means it means NO 4G data speeds. Also no 4″ Display. The coolest is that its gonna have better graphics so its becoming awesome for gaming. The most amazing… Apple announces Siri. Now you can say “Make an appointment on Tuesday October 4 Geek Fest”. She will do it. Its like your new Technology friend. Also huge upgrade in the battery life. And of course its gonna ran iOS 5. And the final info is that its gonna come out in white and black colour. iOs 5 are gonna be officially released at the 12th of October.

The iPhone 4S although its gonna have the same design its having HUGE upgrades. Pre-sales starting at the 7th of October and the release date is the 14th. Also available for AT&T, Verizon and finally for Sprint.

So this is gonna be my first iPhone. I hope i ll enjoy it. I am gonna buy the 16 GB model. Also let me know in the comment section below wich colour should i buy?

So will you buy the iPhone 4S ? Or you will just wait for the next generation of iPhone?  Leave your creative thoughts in the comment section below.

Orest from TekBloggers.