Related People in iOS 5 Contacts App

Were you wondering how Siri (the iPhone 4S exclusive personal assistant) knows who your family and friends are and how you can manually program Siri to recognize them? Well, I was wondering the same thing and discovered a new field in the contacts app for iOS 5 called “Related People”.

To access the new “Related People” field simply go to your contacts and either create a new contact or select an existing contact. Once you’re on the contact, scroll down and tap on “add field”, then scroll all the way to the bottom and select the second to last option: “Related People”. From there you’ll be able to tag your parents, siblings, children, coworkers and you’ll even be able to set your own custom tags!

Once someone is assigned a specific tag for the “Related People” field, when you ask Siri to do something like call your brother or set up a meeting with your boss, it automatically cross references your contacts with their tags and selects the right person! Of course the simplest way to do it would be to actually tell Siri who specific people are so that it adds the “Related People” tag for you, but that’s how you would manually do it (keep in mind that this is for iOS 5 only)!

[Via BestTechInfo]