30,000 Apps in WP7 Market

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it has expanded its Windows Phone Marketplace to India.

Windows Phone users in India are now able to purchase apps and games in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Microsoft also announced that Chinese Windows Phone developers can begin to submit apps for availability in all supported Windows Phone Marketplace countries. The software giant has not yet enabled end user Marketplace support in China but plans to do so in future. ”This opens up the Windows Phone opportunity to the tens-of-thousands of talented and creative developers in China,” said Microsoft’s Todd Brix in a blog post on Tuesday. “We’ll continue working to bring Marketplace and App Hub to even more markets.”

Microsoft originally unveiled that Windows Phone developers who publish a Mango application would be unable to target Windows Phone 7.0 devices to fix bugs and offer additional features for their current app. Users would have had to update to Windows Phone Mango to receive application updates and developers will have two versions of their application in the Marketplace. Microsoft backtracked on this method and admitted that the split was “limiting.” The company originally promised that by the end of October developers would be able to publish updates to both the 7.0 and 7.5 versions of their apps.

Brix revealed that Windows Phone 7.0 and 7.5 app developers now have new options on how to manage their existing apps. “Each version of the application can now be updated, unpublished and re-published independently,” explained Brix. “You can view both versions of the application on the lifecycle tab in App Hub.” Brix also revealed that developers will be limited to one in-progress update at any time across both versions of the app:

“The update in progress must be published to Marketplace before another version of the app can be updated. Also, catalog details and pricing changes made as part of a 7.0 app update will affect the 7.5 version of the app and vice versa. Finally, be aware that if you publish a new 7.5 app there is no way to later add a 7.0 version.”

Microsoft has published more information at its “updating your application” site. Brix also revealed that Microsoft is enforcing its published guideline of 5 keywords per application. The change will make it better for Windows Phone Marketplace users to discover apps. “App Hub will still allow you to enter more than five keywords as part of your submission or application update; however, the search functionality across Marketplace will now use only the first five keyword,” added Brix.

[Via Winrumors]