The Snap Case for the Samsung galaxy S 2 comes in at only £19.95 and is a brilliant and trendy case, perfect to show off your brilliant phone. As well as being trendy it also protects your phone like a tank, I have had many drops, and yet No scratches. The only down side is that there’s nothing to protect the top of the phone. It adds a more solid feel and a bit of weight to the phone unlike the plastic feels that the phone feels like without the case. It has cut outs for everything and has a raised edge, so if you drop it on the front it will not crack or scratch the screen; it also has a rubbery grip to prevent you from dropping it in the first place. And it isn’t called a snap case for nothing! The phone snaps perfectly in and out of the case perfect if you want a quick fitting case.


  • Smart and Tidy Looking.
  • Solid feel.
  • Nice Grip.
  • Phone Snaps in and out perfectly.
  • Unique SuperMan Design The case looks beautiful on the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and fits right in place! It’s a solid, stylish design which is definitely worth investing in. Get this product for £19.95 at:

I’d like to thank MobileFun for sending me this brilliant

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