Windows 8 Search Results

Microsoft took the opportunity to detail its search improvements in Windows 8 on Tuesday.


The software maker revealed the results of its telemetry data that shows 67% of all searches under Windows 7 are used to launch apps. Searching for files is just 22% of all start menu searches and control panel items consist of around 9%. “The Windows 8 Start search experience builds on top of search features available in Windows 7 and provides a unique view for each of the three system groups – Apps, Settings and Files,” explained Brian Uphoff, a program manager on our Search, View, and Command user experience team, in a blog post on Tuesday.


Microsoft expects users will be installing more apps than in previous Windows versions. The new design approach allows users to better search for apps within Windows 8. “In Windows 7, the total number of results that could be shown in the Start menu was limited,” says Uphoff. “With Windows 8, on the other hand, we’re following an app-first model, where each app developer understands their data and users best, and knows the best way to present the information to them.”


Microsoft is also working to improve its search experience in Windows 8 for beta. “Based in part on the feedback here, we are working on a change that we hope to have available in our beta release,” explains Uphoff. The change will take users directly to app search results when they select the search charm in the desktop. See the video below for more of Microsoft’s search improvements in Windows 8.

[Via WinRumors]