Microsoft’s Windows Phone chief Andy Lees has revealed that the company plans to support NFC and more hardware choices in Windows Phone next year.

Speaking during the All Things Digital Asia D conference on Wednesday, Lees detailed some of the future aspects of Windows Phone. Lees explained that Microsoft’s tight control of the hardware specs has prevented fragmentation. “One of the things [Microsoft] wanted to stop was fragmentation. We wanted to stop problems with fragmentation, so we’ve locked a lot of things down. We want partners to add value, but not in a way that’s chaotic,” he said. The tight control may change next year as Microsoft will allow hardware vendors to extend their devices in future. “We have been building an architecture that allows software vendors and hardware vendors to add their value […] Some things we will do in 2012 will let us extend that,” he explained. This is my next reports that Lees also revealed that Microsoft will supply the “right pieces […] to enable manufacturers to enable their own hardware support with device drivers.”

Lees also addressed Microsoft’s Android battles during a Q&A session. “If you are a software-based business, you need to be able to protect your intellectual property. … Android reads on a whole bunch of innovations that we made,” he expained. “But we’re not trying to stop it, we’re just trying to make sure that we protect our intellectual property.” Lees also added that Microsoft isn’t “here to stop competition in any way shape or form, we’re simply trying to extract value from our innovations.” Lees also briefly discussed the possibility of mobile payments on Windows Phone. He explained that Microsoft isn’t trying to compete with other services but will provide the platform for mobile payments.

Image Credit: Asa Mathat | All Things Digital 

[Via WinRumors]