MW3 Xbox Console

Microsoft announced on Tuesday a new interactive Sesame Street experience for Xbox Kinect users.

The software giant is teaming up with Sesame Street to provide an interactive learning experience for kids. The game will work by inviting children to play with Sesame Street characters who respond based on the child’s actions. For example, if a character says “stand up and clap your hands with me,” the character will then recognize whether the child is playing along or not. “Kinect Sesame Street TV” is one of many new interactive experiences Kinect will start delivering for kids in the coming months, said Dave McCarthy, general manager for Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment at Microsoft Studios.

Microsoft is also teaming up with National Geographic to allow children to explore the world via a Kinect Nat Geo TV experience. Microsoft claims that its conversation on the future of TV entertainment has just begun. “It’s getting a whole lot more interesting,” said Microsoft’s communications chief, Frank Shaw in a blog post on Tuesday.

Sesame Street and National Geographic Kinect experiences will both go on sale in Spring 2012.

[Via MacRumors]