xbox 360

Microsoft’s next generation Xbox console may launch in 2013, according to reports.

Microsoft and its industry partners are busy working away at the next generation Xbox. Develop reports that the console is scheduled for 2013 according to processor chip manufacturers and middleware firms that the site spoke to off the record. Develop suggests the console will be unveiled at E3 2013, months before its release. Lionhead studios are reportedly working on a project named “Fable Next” which will launch on the Xbox Next. Epic Games’ new Unreal Engine is also expected to be made available for the Xbox Next. The latest rumors come just weeks after a number of Microsoft employees revealed their work on Xbox Next.

Microsoft is known to be working on preparing a new Xbox console. The software giant has managed to keep the Xbox 360, released in November 2005, up-to-date through a number of software tweaks and hardware refreshes. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming console dominated U.S. sales charts last year and continues to do well throughout 2011. Microsoft revealed at CES in January that the company has sold over 50 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide since launch. Microsoft also has 30 million active Xbox LIVE members and has sold 10 million Kinect sensors since the device debuted in November.

Microsoft’s Xbox Console Architecture team has also been hiring for a number of positions on the next-generation Xbox team. The job listings, revealed earlier this year, confirm that Microsoft was in the early stages of pre-production for the next-generation Xbox at the start of the year. Some rumors also suggest Microsoft may be planning to unveil its next-generation Xbox as early as E3, 2012. The company is reportedly working with Crytek for a TimeSplitters 4 release.

[Via WinRumors]