Windows Phone 7 Folders

A set of Windows Phone developers are planning to implement application folder support in Windows Phone.

The homebrew solution will see Windows Phone users able to organise their applications into folders on the home screen. The developers, located at, claim they’re working on implementing the solution and hope to have more information in the coming days.

The folder support works by using dynamically generating secondary tiles. The setup is a little “clunky” right now but the developers hope to clear that up shortly. WPCentral reports that the folder solution will only require a developer unlocked device and not the need for a tricky interop-unlock. The developer is concerned at the number of “homebrew users there are right now in terms of usability.” Homebrew is a method of side loading applications onto a device that aren’t available in the official Marketplace. The method can be achieved by an official developer unlock or via jailbreaking a device.

Microsoft originally blocked a ChevronWP7 application that unlocked Windows Phone 7 devices for homebrew third-party applications. Microsoft representatives met with Rafael Rivera and Long Zheng of the ChevronWP7 team earlier this year to discuss the tool and Microsoft’s plans to support homebrew applications on Windows Phone 7. The ChevronWP7 recently confirmed that they plan to release a tool to make Windows Phone development more accessible and allow developers to avoid the typical $99 per year cost of becoming a full Windows Phone developer. The team will charge $9 for the solution that allows developers to unlock their devices. The tool will simply allow developers to unlock their devices and experiment with applications before signing up to publish apps.

[Via Winrumors]