Rokker is the brand new music service powered by Youtube! Is this the next big thing in music? Rokker is an online music service which is free of charge. It takes 2 minuets to sign up and once you have its AWESOME! You are able to add songs to your own playlist or in a general folder. Although you can use Rokker without signing up you wont be able to make your own playlist, which is a nice added feature. Rokker has its own Rokker Catalog which has some new featured songs. Rokker also has a top 10 chart list. As this is powered by YouTube Rokker also plays the music video of the song in the bottom left hand corner, just below this there is 3 buttons the first one is to add a playlist the second one you can set the song to repeat and the last one allows your to tweet out what song your listening to. On the top you have all of the media buttons including Previous, play/pause, next, volume control, a panel which shows what song and how far through that song you are and then a search bar where you can search for a song. Rokker has a very nice layout which is simple and easy to use. Rokker is a new service and can be a little slow at times but overall is a very nice user experience. Now I have discovered this I will be using this instead of Spotify and iTunes, I feel this service is much better than both of these others. Comment below of what you think of the new music service Rokker. See More For Screen Shots!