Today we have another IOS 5 tip for you! If your like me the Photo Stream photo album will really annoy you especially when you cant remove images from it. This annoyed me for about a week or two then I decided I was going to find a way to either delete the unwanted images or remove the whole thing; which is what I did and what i’m going to show you. This is a step by step guide with images to help you remove unwanted pictures.

Its very and simple it should take a matter of seconds. I included all the steps so if this seems easy (which it is) that’s because I started from the very beginning.

Step 1 |

For step one unlock your iDevice and go to your stock page on the spring bored. (image shows below).

Step 2 |

Now for step 2. For step 2 open up your settings app on your home screen and scroll down the page until you find ‘Photos’.(image shows below).

Step 3 |

Now for the most important step! Open up the Photos settings. Once your in you will see PhotoStream with a button. the button must be turned off in order for you to remove PhotoStream.(image shows below).

Now once you have done that you done! Go back to your Photos and check if it has disappeared you have succeeded! Well done! If for any reason you want this or the photos in it back you can at any time! Just go back into the Photo Settings and turn that button so its on! If you have any trouble or concerns or just a general question please feel free to ask them below!