GelaSkins make high quality skins with plenty of unique designs to chose from. The skin I have here is the ‘Royal Flush’ for the iPod Touch 4G. You can buy this skin for around £12.95 at

The skin comes in three pieces. One for the top of the front which has a cut out for the camera and sensor, one for the bottom of the front which has a cut out for the home button. GelaSkins do include a separate piece which sticks onto the home button but I decided not to install this. The back piece of the skin has two large cut outs. One at the top for the sleep/wake button and one on the bottom for the dock connector. It also has cut outs for the camera and volume buttons. All of the cut-outs were perfect and wrapped around the device perfectly.

The skin very good looking with fantastic artwork, it feels very thick and protective.

As you can see in the video this skin was very tricky to apply and took me a couple attempts but after I mastered it I got it on very well. When I applied it, some bits where peeling off but I quickly thought and used a hair dryer all over my iPod and this stuck the skin back and made it fit perfectly. I have been using this skin for around a week now and it still feels how it did when I first applied it. No peeling has caught my eye and the skin is generally working.

GelaSkins also include a free wallpaper which matches your skin. I did get this wallpaper from there free app which is available on the IOS App store. The wallpapers tops this skin off giving it a whole new look together.

Overall this skin is perfect even though I had a little trouble applying it; it has worked fine for me.

I would like to thank MobileFun for sending me this product out for review. Also check out there range of iPhone Cases.

Get this product here.

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