Today I have a review of a custom skin from is a website which allows you to create your own skins for many different devices. The skin I have here is a custom made one with a design from their gallery. I have this skin for the iPhone 4 but you can get it from Games Consoles, Laptops, Phones and media devices. You can buy an iPhone Skin for £7.99 + shipping at

Like most other skins this comes in 3 pieces 2 for the front and 1 whole piece for the back. Wrappz do not include a piece for the home button. The back piece of the skin has two cut outs. One for the camera and microphone and the other for the apple logo on the back. It also has cut outs for the front camera and speaker. The skin does not come with parts for the side of the device, but still looks perfect with out it. All of the cut-outs were perfect except the home button which was a little off.

This skin was very easy to apply unlike some previous skins I have reviewed, this is a huge high for me as im not the best at applying them. The skin went on perfectly almost first time. I have been using this skin for a couple days now and it still fits and looks amazing. The skin goes really well with the white iPhone because of its vibrant colours.

Unfourtunetly Wrappz do not include matching wallpapers for their skins, but even with out it this skin looks rather sexy on the iPhone.

Overall this skin is superb very easy to apply and looks very nice on the white iPhone. Anyone looking for a skin for their, Phone, Laptop, Console, Table or E-Reader I defiantly recommend this skin.

You can buy this skin now at and if you enter JACOB10 at checkout you can get 10% off your whole order!