Today I bring you the review of the KitSound Muffs. These were sent out for review from and retail for £19.95, now straight into the review.


These headphones are very small; about the size of my palm, and are rather stylish. They have a nylon quilted outer fabric and a fury inside. The cable is fabric but unfortunately is not anti-tangle. On the headphones you have a volume roller as well as a clip to attach to you clothes. The volume roller and clip feel very cheaply made and could of been made with something a bit higher quality. Probably one of the things I disliked the most was the fact that they use something called ‘Back band Design’ which means they go around the back of your head (top of neck) instead of the top of your head.


These headphones aren’t very comfortable but do actually keep your ears warm on the frosty cold mornings, they are supposed to fit most head sizes with its adjustable head band, although these are very tight and can be uncomfortable on my head at times. My head isn’t the smallest but it also is the largest so keep in mind that these can become tight and uncomfortable.


These headphones sound surprisingly decent for the price you pay. They produce good bass, highs and trebles. I would personally say that the sound of these headphones are the best thing about them. I have listened to many different genres with these and sound very good with, Dub step, Rock, Hip-Hop and Pop.


The main features of these are that they have you can listen to music on those cold mornings whilst keeping you ears warm at the same time. However these headphones aren’t very comfortable and can slip off your head. The other good feature about these is that they’re super portable with the very small size of about a palm.

There were a couple down falls i found these headphones can become very uncomfortable; as I have said in the post already and, they slip off of your head with movement and aren’t at all practical. The Back band was a huge downfall for me.

So the last thing i would like to mention is the packaging, the packaging is very minimal I like it. The muffs are exposed, when you open them the headphone become free and when you open the next flap you get the cable to plug into your media device. Very simple and elegant.

I would love to thank MobileFun for sending these out for review. Buy these headphones now here. Also check out MobileFun’s iPad Accessories