Minecraft Pocket Edition (1)Today I am going to be reviewing Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS. Minecraft Pocket Edition is £5 or $7 in the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

The Game’s title screen has 3 options; Join Game, Start Game and Options. Join Game lets you join a multiplayer game hosted by the Wi-Fi network you are connected too. Start Game lets you start a single player game. Options let you change your username, graphics settings and controls.

When you start a game you can create a new world or scroll through worlds you have already created. When you press create new the game may sometimes crash but hopefully that gets fixed in an update. You enter a world name and a seed if you want to and your randomized world starts generating.

Minecraft Pocket Edition (2)The controls are very simple, there is a D-Pad on the bottom left that lets you walk around and jump. To look around you scrub the right side of the screen.

You press and hold on a block to destroy it and to place a block you simply press where you want the block to go.

If you click on the three dots on your hot bar the Inventory comes up. You can choose from 36 different blocks, change to 3rd person mode and end the game.

The gameplay is great and Overall Minecraft Pocket Edition is a great game to have on your iOS Device, like many of the App Store Reviews I think the price is a bit expensive it should be around £3 or people who have bought the game on the PC should get a discount.

Download the Game in the App Store here.