apple-digital-handshakeApple has applied to patent digital handshake of sorts between your iPhone and Mac. The function would allow you to log onto your MacBook by waving your iPhone in front of it as well as share photos, videos, contacts, calender events, and messages in the same way. You could also pair the service with others and share into with them the same way, possibly photo to phone like Ice Cream Sandwich’s beam service.

The transmission will require next-generation devices (so it won’t work on your current stuff) and will involve cameras capable of reading invisible inks and optical coatings – which will hold a special key code. The “secret code” could be hidden in the bezel of devices where in theory only the cameras would be able to see them.

apple-digital-handshake-examplePatents are of course just patents and not necessarily an indication of what we will actually see come out of Cupertino anytime soon.

[via Patently Apple]