The Sinch fully Wrapped Up

Today I’m going to be reviewing the Sinch Headphone Assistant from The Sinch is basically A cable organiser.

The Packaging is really simple and contains instructions on how to set up and use the Sinch Headphone Assistant.

The Sinch Headphone Assistant is made out rubber so it is very flexible, it comes in two colours; white and black. It has two very strong magnets so the Sinch doesn’t come undone.

To use the Sinch with Headphones, the main use of the Sinch, You have to put the Headphone Jack through the little hole on the end of the Sinch and then Plug it into your device. The Sinch works on most if not all devices and cables so you should be covered.

Then you wrap the Cable around the Sinch and your device, once your finished move the end of the Sinch over and the Magnets should connect. The magnets are strong so your cable or headphones should not fall out.

To release the Cable or Headphones you just pull on the magnets and should come apart, you can also pull the cable if you want to.

Overall I think the Sinch Headphone Assistant is an essential accessory for your mobile device, it is a very simple product that offers a lot of use. It retails for $15.99 on And I would like to thank Natalie from for sending me this product for review.

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