Today I have the review of the Full Sized Bluetooth Keyboard from This keyboard is a full size keyboard which can connect to anything from you PC or MAC to your mobile device. It connects to your desired device through Bluetooth 2.0. It has Scissor-Switch keypad design just like the one of the apple keyboards. This does resemble the apple keyboard in many different ways. It has the MAC only buttons including ‘Command’ and its also white finish which means it’ll fit in with your MAC set-up just nicely. So this keyboard will work up to 10 meters away from the device it is connected too; this is plenty for the average user like myself. This can work with iPad or other Tablets, IOS, PC, MAC and other Smartphone’s which is pretty impressive if you take a lot of different devices around at once. This is very compact and thin which means it is very portable; this is one of my favourite features of mine. I only really used this with my iPad2 as I already use a wireless keyboard with my computer, although I only used this on the iPad2 it did work very well, I found myself typing much faster with this than the on screen keyboard the iPad includes. So finally id give this a product a 3 out of 5 for is fresh, simple and minimalist design. I would of gave it an even higher rating is maybe it was made out of something a little better than plastic. For the price of £29.95 I feel this product is quite expensive for what you get. It would have been nice to see an included carry case of some sort.

Specifications –

  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V2.0, in BROADCOM 2042 chipset.
  • 78 Keys design, with 13 multi-function keys.
  • Scissor-switch keypad design, comfortable and ergonomic design.
  • Built in intelligent power manage software for power conservation.
  • Built in software solutions with Bluetooth human interface device and comply with the standard version of the Bluetooth SIG Bluetooth 2.0.
  • Power by 2 AAA Batteries.
  • Working Range: 10 Meters.

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So that’s about it for this review I hoped you enjoyed it and I will see you next time.

I would like to thank Laura from MobileFun for sending me this product out to review.

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