Today I’m Going to be reviewing the app My Xbox Live which is free on the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. This App is an Xbox Live client made by Microsoft.

The App lets you view all the video content that you can watch on the Xbox Dashboard, add and message friends, create beacons and compare achievements.
The main screen is the Home Screen; you can watch Xbox live video like inside Xbox, major’s minute and much more.

The second screen is the Social screen; you can view your gamertag, name, Gamerscore and your avatar. There are 3 buttons on the side that go to your friends, messages and beacons. You can also edit your Avatar’s clothes and bio using the buttons at the bottom.

The 3rd and final screen is the Games screen; you can view all the games that you have played on your Xbox live account and look at every individual achievement.

Going into friends you can view their full bio, achievements and you can also compare your achievements with them.

Overall I think My Xbox Live is a great app for anyone who has Xbox live, its works well but occasionally crashes for me when I go into my messages. You can get it in the App Store here.

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