Today I’m going to be reviewing Bloons Super Monkey which is £0.69 or $0.99 in The Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch, there is also an iPad version too.

The game is an iOS port of the popular flash game Bloons Super Monkey.  It has a simple to use menu system and you can start or continue a game very easily.

The gameplay is simple, pop balloons. You move the super monkey with your finger and it fires darts, boomerang or tentacles automatically. You can buy upgrades by getting blops by popping balloons. You can upgrade to lasers, missiles and Moabs. It’s very addictive and is an easy to play game.

There are many levels that have different kinds of balloons and patterns. The game is great to replay and doesn’t get that boring. The levels get progressively harder has most other games on the App Store. You can also get powerups, you can freeze the balloons, get a sun god that destroys balloons in one hit and a bomb which will pop all of the balloons on the screen.

Overall it is a very good game for any device; it has alright graphics, an easy to use interface, addictive gameplay and great levels. You can get the game by clicking the link here.

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