Today I am going to be reviewing the Magnum Earbuds from They are in ear headphones that work with all 3.5mm Jacks. They retail for $49.95 on

In the Box you get the Earbuds themselves, a Magneat and two more ear sizes. The Design of the Box is pretty nice; it has a flap at the back that shows you all the information needed.

The Earbuds have a nice bullet design and come in 9 different colours.  They also have a built in microphone and a remote that works well with iOS. 7mm Drivers power the earbuds so you get good all around sound, the cable is 1.05m long so you have enough cable. The 3.5mm Jack is silver plated so you know it is high quality.

The cable has a built in LoveJack splitter, so you can have up to 4 sets of the Magnun Earbuds or connect another set of headphones so you and your friends can hear your music.

The built in remote and microphone works well with your iPod or iPhone. You click it once to pause or play your music, click twice to skip forward a song, 3 clicks to go back just like the Apple Earbuds with the remote.

The package also includes the Magneat(Single Review Coming Soon), the Magneat is a magnetic cable manager for your earphones or any type of thin cable. You put one side under your shirt or jumper and the other side on top so that the very strong magnets connect together, then you wrap your cable around the magneat and your set.

Overall the Magnun Earbuds from are a solid set of Earbuds for you mobile device. The Sound quality is amazing and there is pretty much no sound leakage even at full volume. The noise cancellation is pretty good to so you can hear you music over the very loud rest of the World. They retail for $49.95 and are a worthwhile purchase.

I would like to thank Petur from for sending me these earbuds to review.


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