Today I am going to be reviewing the Magneat which retails for $12.99 on The Magneat is a very strong magnet that helps to stop those tangled wires.

The Magneat comes in a multitude of different colours and designs. They are collectable so you can get them all.

The packaging is really nice; you get the Magneat itself and some information in the flap on the back.

To use the Magneat you put one side under your t-shirt or jumper then the other side over the top, the very strong magnets should connect. Then you wrap your loose part of your wire into the hidden place behind the front.

The Magneat works very well when; running, jogging or doing any type of physical activity. The Magnum Earbuds work great with the Magneat too they both look and feel the same and like they were meant to be together.

Overall the Magneat is a great accessory if you’re a running or constasntly on the move. It retails for $12.99 on

I would like to thank petur from for sending me the Magneat out for review.