Google Search has been recently updated to have more integration with Google+. When you search for something now you can turn on “Show personal Results” to show what the people that you have circled on Google+ have posted about, e.g photos, posts and more.

Here is a video showing you the new features:

Google Search Personal ResultsA little help from your friends

We all turn to people we know and trust for great recommendations. With personal results, you’ll see relevant tips, photos, and posts from your friends right alongside results from the web.

Just for you

Personal results are marked with a Search+ icon icon so you know they’re just for you. Because these results are personal and private, you’ll need to be signed in to Google to see them.

Control what you see

On any given search, you can toggle to hide personal results. To do this, simply click on the globe icon in the top right of your search results page.

This feature is currently rolling out to the world.