Today I am going to be reviewing the Emprex 6310U-W Slim Desktop Keyboard USB. This keyboard retails for £8.49 in Black and £8.99 in White on

This keyboard has a very nice Apple like Chiclet key design. This means each key is individually raised so you don’t press the wrong keys. I have been using for about a week and it works quite well, it takes about 5 hours of general use to get used to how the keyboard works.

It has all 12 F keys and 3 Media Buttons and a Sleep Button, they are quite useful if you want to quickly turn your computer off but re use straight away.  It has the right number pad which is very useful if your person like me that actually uses it.

The design of the keyboard is great; it is made out of plastic but is quite rigid and strong. It is also quite thin which is good if you like a simplistic desk setup.

It is a wired keyboard, which may throw a few of you off but I like it. It means I don’t have too ever change batteries. The cable they give you is also white (or black if you choose that colour) which goes with the whole design of the keyboard. The cable has a reasonable length to it so you will be covered.

Overall the Keyboard has a nice Apple esc design and functionality, the key feedback is great. The build quality is very nice; it is thin and quite strong. If you need a new keyboard I would go with this one.

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