Today I am going to be reviewing the iPod Touch 4th Generation Stand Case from This case currently retails for £9.95 and comes in 4 colours: White, Black, Pink and Red.

The case comes in really nice simple packaging, in it you get the case itself and a card iPod Touch 4G.

The cool thing about the case is the simple kickstand on the back. The kickstand is placed in the centre of the back of the case and is easy to pop out and use to play landscape games, watch movies and write emails. It also has the case maker’s logo on it.

It is a great addition to the case but with it attached to the back it causes the iPod not to sit flat on a surface.

The back has a great pattern which is really grippy when holding your iPod Touch.

Inside the case has a nice lining of a microfiber material so the back of your device is safe and doesn’t scratch whilst it in the case.

The cut outs are perfect; the lock button is fully open and easy to access. The headphone port, dock connecter and speaker. The volume button cut-out is open too. The camera cut-out works very well and there is no camera issues.

Overall the case works very well when watching movies, playing games and generally using your device in landscape. It adds minimal bulk to your device and has multiple colours to suit your style. The kickstand works really and is quite strong.

If you’re a person that likes to watch movies on your iPod or just consume content in general this is a great case for you.

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