Today I am going to be reviewing the Soft Feel Silicone Case for the iPhone 3G/3Gs from The case retails for £14.95 but is currently on sale for £4.95. It is a great cheap, flexible, rubber case for your iPhone.

There are 3 colour variations: Green, Pink and Grey.

The packaging f the case is nice and simple. Included is the case itself and a screen protector.

The case is a simple silicone case for your phone. It has a textured back so you don’t lose grip when holding your iPhone. It has two holes for a lanyard (not included) and the Proporta logo printed on the back.

Putting the case on your phone is easy, you just slide your iPhone in and you’re done. It is a very simple install but the case hugs the phone.

The cut-outs are great, the volume rockers and silent switch have a perfect cut-out but the silent switch is hard to press. The lock button, mic and headphone jack have perfect cut-outs as well. The 30-pin dock connector and speakers have a full open cut-out so you can dock your phone. Docking doesn’t work that well but it depends on your dock (I used the official Apple dock).The camera cut-out has a grey ring around it (pink/green if you choose other colours), this does not affect the camera at all.

Overall the case has a nice look and feel when on your iPhone. The textured back works well when holding your phone. The buttons and ports have great cut-outs so you’re covered. The price is relatively cheap too making this a great case for anyone. The 3 colour choices are great too, if you like pink, green or just plain grey this is an awesome case. However I would like Proporta to include other colour options like blue or orange for people that have other tastes.

I would like to thank Sarah from Proporta for sending me this case out to review.