Google+ nicknamesGoogle+ the ever growing social network has now allowed it’s user to add nicknames to their accounts. Google has been really hard people that haven’t had their real name in the profile but it now seems that the giant is loosening it’s restraints from it’s users.

Google’s Bradley Horowitz made a post on Google+ today, announcing that users will soon be able to add a nick name next to their full name, in the coming days. You can see this modeled above with blogger Louis “Luigi” Gray.

The setting will appear under Edit Profile, where you can select your name by clicking on “More options.” It’s worth noting that this will change your name across all of your Google Profiles.

For names that Google has deemed unacceptable, you can challenge it for personal use by providing the following information to the review team:

– References to an established identity offline in print media, news articles, etc
– Scanned official documentation, such as a driver’s license
– Proof of an established identity online with a meaningful following

Google says they have similar features rolling out soon.

[Via 9to5google]