Microsoft PointsMicrosoft, the computer giant, is reportedly getting rid of its Microsoft Points system by the end of 2012. This is to align prices between all of its platforms.

It has been suggested that by the end of 2012, Microsoft will force all transactions to be based on the region set within a user’s purchasing account, requiring Windows Phone owners to purchase apps and games using their credit or debit cards.

Windows Phone developers have been reportedly asked to plan for the change, specifically for their downloadable content (DLC) and in-app purchases to use the new unified payment method.

Microsoft Points are usually used o the Xbox Live Marketplace to download Xbox Live Arcade Games, Avatar items and In-Game add-ons.

Microsoft has said “we do not comment on rumours or speculation,” not confirming the change either way. The move to traditional currency will help Microsoft uniformly price its content and services, reducing consumer confusion in the process. Xbox Live owners will no longer need to buy Points cards from retailers, although that could prove troublesome for younger gamers that do not own a credit or debit card.

[Via TheNextWeb]