Google+, Google’s own successful Social Network, now allows Everyone who has a Google Account (13years+) to sign up for the Social Network. Up until now Google+ hasn’t been allowing people under the age of 18 to sign up for the service. Google’s Bradley Horowitz announced the update today in a post on Google+.

Between strong user protections and teen-focused content, it’s our hope that young adults will feel at home (and have some fun) on Google+. And of course, we do have at least one thing in common with our newest users: we’re both busy growing up.

The Google+ service, he argued, has “awesome features that teens really want” whilst encouraging safe behavior“through appropriate defaults and in-product help.” In addition, abuse-reporting tools are easy to find and use, Horowitz noted. Details on age requirements on Google Accounts are available here. Teens can also get more information on Google+ safety features in the newly launched Google+ Safety Center, with interesting resources available for educators, teenagers and parents.

[Via 9to5google, Google+]