Here I have the review of the ‘Kindle Keyboard Silicone Case Triple Pack With Screen Protector’. This is a very minimal yet protective case for your amazon Kindle keyboard(3).

This not only protects your kindle but also makes it look very stylish allowing you to change the color of your Kindle everyday. This case also has a thin and light design, as mentioned this is a triple pack and comes in three different colors; as well as a screen protector.

The first case being black the second being pink and my personal favorite a frosted clear. These Kindle case’s are one piece fit snugly on your kindle like a second; yet more protective skin. As this is so thin and light it hardly adds any weight or thickness if any at all to the Kindle.

The cut outs are perfect for the next/previous page buttons the ports and the switches on the bottom. The 2 right angled speakers on the back of the device are left unprotected; these are cut out perfectly as you can see from all the picture below.

The screen protector was really easy to apply and within 2days all the bubbles has disappeared and the shield was hardly noticeable; however on the back of the screen shield packaging it claims its anti-glare, this is not the case, when reading at night with a small lamp there was quiet a strong glare coming from the shield, this is very disruptive when the Kindle has a matte screen to reduce glares. Apart from the the screen protector worked awesome.

Overall I feel this case is far better than other Kindle cases I have reviewed in the past simply because it is much lighter and thinner. Holding and reading the Kindle is a whole lot better than cases I have previously used. I don’t think there are any cons to these cases. So if your looking for a light, thin and minimal yet protective case to use in the day time then this is the one, if your looking one for a case you can also use in the darkness then I suggest picking up a small clip on reading light.

If you want your own your own ‘Kindle Keyboard silicone case triple pack’ just like the one I have reviewed here then head over to MobileFun who hooked me up with this product for reviewing purposes. This set of three cases and screen protector would only set you back £15.27.

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