Minecon 2012 Headed for Europe

Jens Bergensten (@jeb_) the head Minecraft Developer tweeted yesterday:

Minecon 2012 in Europe

If there is another Minecon, it will be in Europe. Will you come here?

This is great news for most European Minecraft fans that weren’t able to attend last year’s Minecon in Las Vegas.

If Minecon 2012 is in Europe will you go? Hopefully I will!


22 thoughts on “Minecon 2012 Headed for Europe

  1. I always wanted a trip to Europe in the first place, but with Minecon there, I can have an amazing double trip! I love minecraft!

  2. scandinavian or london would be best, couse if it’s in northen europe some of souht american can see snow.

  3. Aw man, I went to Minecon last year, I wanted to keep the streak going but if it’s gonna be in Europe, I cannot go!

  4. london london london london london please i mean 100,000,000 people are in the country and half of the people that buy your game are British the over half are american but there are small i mean give the small Courtney a chance please please just think hard either france or england but england whoo go englaNd

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