The Blackberry Playbook its a great device with great specs. I was shocked at the amazing specs when researching the device deciding whether to purchase it or not.

The dual core processor and 1GHZ Ram is awesome, No lagg issues or playing games, Multitasking & More .The tablet i think myself needs to be heard of because it has amazing potential.
Both rear and forward facing camera records up to 1080p (with autofocus) comparing them to the iPad2 that amazing!
The device is very light (425 Grams) but a negative is the battery it runs out very fast i use is a couple of times a day and my battery bar goes to half.

All the streaming video, games and social networking you’ve come to expect from your desktop computer is packed into an ultra portable tablet. Support for Adobe® Flash 10.2 and HTML5 means you get all the Internet has to offer. Another thing that improving thank god is the interactivity the games and applications soon android apps will be able to run on the playbook whitch is great.
Finishing off with a good not the playbook has an awesome HD screen and also a micro HD port so you can easily connect it to your TV!