Google Chrome Logo

It is believed that Google is going to make there own retail store. They have already tested it out within a store in London. The is going to open at the European Headquarters in Dublin. The public found out when a planning permission submission was given to the Dublin City council.

The store is believed to be open to the general public and to sell “unspecified Google merchandise” according to a Bloomberg report. The store is believed to open inside the Dublin’s Montevetro office block but this space could be used to other things instead.

Google has already ventured into the retail world as they have opened stands in Currys and PC World in London. This is where they sell the Google Chrome Books. It is also believed that they could sell other products such as Android Smartphones and Tablets.

This may have been inspired by the Apple Retail Store’s. And this is the second major brand that could be opening a store as Amazon could be opening a store in the Seattle Area.

[Via TechnoBuffalo]