Today I am going to be reviewing the “Superhero Protective Back Cover & Dock for iPhone 4/4s – Batman”.

The case is made out of a tough yet flexible plastic that protects against minor bumps and scratches. The back is very stylish and has fantastic artwork. It feels as if though the artwork will fade after a while but I have been using this case for well over a week now and there are no signs of wearing.

All of the cut-outs are perfect. There is one large cutout on the bottom for the speakers and dock connector, one large cutout for on the top for the microphone, headphone jack and sleep/wake button. A full cutout for the volume buttons and mute switch. The camera cutout is perfect and could of been a little bigger in my opinion.

Although this is a case I tend too think this is more for a stylish purpose than a protective purpose as this is very thin and light and doesn’t really feel as though it could without substantial drops. Haven said that this is very stylish and looks great on the iPhone.

The stand is very well built, feels very solid and sturdy. It has a matte finish to it which appeals to me much more than a glossy finish would. The stand does not come with a built in dock connector however there is a slot for you too thread your own cable and use that.

If your not a fan of batman you can get this case and stand in other comic legends including superman and the green lantern.

Overall this case and stand  is  great its a very  stylish case for your iPhone 4 or 4s. I would recommend this too anyone especially if you love or loved comics in the early days.

I would like to thank MobileFun for sending me this product to review.

Buy this case here and also check out MobileFun’s other cases for iPhone.