The Arkhippo 2 is an rugged and big case for your iPhone 4/4s. It comes in a multitude of colours and retails for $29 on

The case is more of a stand than a case. You can view your iPhone in Portrait and Landscape mode whilst in the case.

The iPhone fits in the Arkhippo 2 like a glove but the iPhone is really fiddly to get in and out of the  Arkhippo 2.

All buttons and ports are exposed but covered by the Arkhippo big exterior. You have to press into the case to find the button that you are looking for.

The Arkhippo 2 adds lots of drop and shock protection for your iPhone but make your iPhone look very ugly and big. With the case on your iPhone will not fit in your pocket and taking phone calls are hard to make.

If you are looking for a iPhone 4/4s tough case that also doubles as a very usable stand this is the case for you. The ports and buttons are alright to access but may be annoying on your first go. The case comes in 5 colours and retails on for $29.

I would like to thank Arkwhat for sending me this case to review.