App Review: Clear - Main ImageThere are quite a few Good ToDo lists in the iOS App Store but some don’t offer all the features you would expect. Clear does.

The Interfaces of some of the ToDo lists in the App store don’t have a nice easy to use UI. With Clear the main focus is gestures. You pull down to create a new list or item to do. You swipe right to complete and item, left to delete it. Pinch to go up a level. The whole app has a Heatmap to show priority.

Within the settings of Clear you can change the theme if you don’t like to red. The App has icon badges but no push notifications, this may be a problem to some people as they may forget to go into the app.

If you are looking for a well designed, easy to use and just perfect ToDo list for your iPhone, Clear is the App for You.

You can get it in the App Store now for 99¢ or 69p.

Check out Clear’s Realmac Software’s Page,