Today I am going to be reviewing the iPhone Reporter Style Notebook Case from This case retails for $39.95 on Portenzo’s website.

The case is made out of Black Morocco Faux Leather and feels and smells really nice. It is handmade and looks really classy and professional. It is a flip style case with a wood insert that holds your iPhone 4/4s perfectly.

The inside of the case is customisable, you can choose from multiple colours like red, black, purple, green and more.

The cut-outs of the case are great but slightly recessed. The lock button and headphone port are accessible, the lock button and speakers are open but you cannot dock your phone whilst it is in the case. The volume buttons and silent switch have an n open cut-out and are easy to press. The rear camera is covered by the back of the case but the front facing camera is fully accessible.

If you are looking for a professional looking flip case for your iPhone this is the case for you. The quality is perfect since the case is handmade. The leather is nice high-quality faux leather that feels and smells great. If you do take pictures with your iPhone a lot then this case isn’t for you. Taking the phone out of the case is slightly difficult and a pain to take out and put back in.

This case retails for $39.95 on

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